Telling Bridgeville’s story

This website is intended to keep you up to date as Bridgeville updates its 10-year comprehensive plan. We may formally ask for your opinion or suggestion via a survey or discussion board, but you are always welcome to email us at

While the State of Delaware requires towns with a population greater than 2,000 to update its plan with certain required elements, the plan should reflect the vision and desires of its leaders and residents. What is the character of the town? What is the balance between residential and commercial development, between business growth on Market Street and along US 13? In which direction should the town grow? Is the town providing adequate housing choices for all its citizens? How is it providing services such as sewer and water? Is there room for growth?

Bridgeville has a story to tell, and the plan will help tell it. This blog, “If You Lived Here . . . ” will provide interesting information as it is uncovered and/or written into the draft plan. Just the Census data alone provide encouraging evidence of how Bridgeville has improved the quality of life for people who call this town home.

The goal is to complete a draft plan by February 2018. This is actually a fairly ambitious timeline, but much work already has been accomplished in the areas of wastewater infrastructure, water quality protection, downtown development and branding, and residential growth.

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  1. Lawrence Tassone December 15, 2017 at 12:35 pm - Reply

    Statistics, unedited, can be misleading. I believe the stats relative to poverty are skewed by Heritage Shores population statistics i.e. income level. I know of no survey that has verified that the original number and income level of original residents of Bridgeville that were at or below the poverty level has changed in any significant manner. Thus, the influx of higher income retirees is painting a progressive picture that is, in my view, misleading. A footnote to this effect should be listed to clarify the information. If the same number of original residents (prior to 2005) who were listed as at or below the poverty level remains the same then, in fact, the statistical display is misleading.

    • bridgevilleplan January 8, 2018 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Sorry it took me so long to notice your comment and post it. I will check on a daily basis from here on out. Heritage Shores is absolutely skewing the percentages for Bridgeville. However, a review of 2000 (pre-Heritage Shores) Census data show that there were 99 actual families living below the poverty line at that time. In 2015, there were 85 families within the Bridgeville town limits living below poverty. So that is an improvement in raw numbers. Bridgeville is considered a “stable” housing market compared to Seaford and Laurel.

      I will do my best to tease out the current demographics for non-Heritage Shores residents of Bridgeville, but small sample sizes tend to not be as accurate as larger ones.

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