The Bridgeville survey says . . .

The Bridgeville survey says . . .

Thank you to the 178 residents of Bridgeville and the 19933 zip code who took the time to complete the survey. It closed January 24. More than 100 of the respondents took the time to add heartfelt comments and suggestions, and those were very enlightening. They led to a deeper understanding of the human dynamics and your aspirations for your town.

A town’s comprehensive plan is not just about numbers describing a place. It is about the people who live in that place – and the people who work there, visit there, and shop there. One dynamic that clearly showed through is the concern about a perceived divide between Heritage Shores and the older portions of Bridgeville. More than half of the respondents chose to describe Bridgeville as a “split” community. Because you named it and brought it to the surface as a concern, it will be addressed in the comprehensive plan.

Many of you also described Bridgeville as an “incomplete” community because you drive elsewhere for some shopping, restaurants and other services. Attracting certain kinds of commercial development, especially “upscale” stores, to a small rural town is difficult. These corporate decisions are mostly driven by “rooftops,” and Bridgeville is a town of about 2,300. Still, these challenges will be addressed in the comprehensive plan draft. Locally owned businesses are another matter, and there are several very useful reports and sets of recommendations that will be included in the plan.

Please go to this page to view the results. The survey is summarized in both story form and in more detailed results that include charts and tables.

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