Take a look at the draft town plan

//Take a look at the draft town plan

Take a look at the draft town plan

A draft of Bridgeville’s comprehensive plan is now available for you to read on this website. The plan is called “One Bridgeville.”

Often, plans are written for state agency bureaucrats and other planners. There is a state checklist of items that, by state law, must be included in a town’s comprehensive plan. But every town has a story, and this plan attempts to tell Bridgeville’s.

The plan tells that story with narrative, photos, charts, survey results, tables and maps. You may learn a few things you didn’t know about your community. You may not agree with some of the conclusions or recommendations in the plan. There is a lot of good news, and there are a few challenges. A plan is supposed to reflect the attitudes and concerns of the people who live and work in a town, and this plan attempts to address issues raised by the people most familiar with their community.

This is a draft. The plan goes through Bridgeville’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Commission, as well as through the state review process called PLUS (Preliminary Land Use Service).

On Tuesday, April 17, there will be a feedback session conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission. It begins at 6 p.m. You are welcome to send comments and suggestions by replying to this post or e-mailing Lee Ann Walling, who wrote the plan, at cedarcreekplanners@gmail.com.


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